Thanksgiving Holiday x Outfit Backlog

Since it's still Thanksgiving in the US, I have no work later today! I finally get my weekend back, even for just a week. Tonight I will be partying the hell out of Friday--it's been a while since I last did so!

Mossimo top, Forever 21 bandage skirt, Marc Jacobs bag, thrifted corduroy jacket

One of my 11/11/11 11:11 wishes was for me to enjoy my current job. Surprisingly, this week I actually did a bit. This week has been a pretty productive one for me at work, and I have been told by my trainer that it will get busier and harder for me starting next week. I don't know if I should be excited or if I should dread it. 50/50 perhaps. I've sent out my resumes to a couple of companies I actually see myself working in, though. My resignation from my current company pretty much depends on if the companies would call me and take me in by December. I'm crossing my fingers. I'd really kill for a job in a magazine!

I got a little bored at work today so I decided to sketch my outfit for tonight, despite my lack of drawing skills.

Some outfit backlog with crappy photo quality. I promise to start taking decent shots again soon--my camera misses me, I've been ignoring it for quite some time now.

1. LSDC-C jacket, cropped polo, XOXO gray jeans
2. LSDC-C jacket, thrifted black top, Pink Manila skirt
3. Thrifted sweater top, Forever 21 skirt, Forever 21 sneakers
4. Jumpsuit given by my best friend, vintage 'boyfriend' blazer, Topshop ribbon necklace, Forever 21 rings

Since today is Thanksgiving, it only means one thing--tomorrow is the Black Friday Sale in the US! I'm so glad my aunt's coming back from the US in about two weeks so she offered to score me some make-up from the sale. Finally some replenishing of my stolen goods! I'm so excited.

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