Going Retail

Haven't had a productive day like today in quite a while--a lunch date, some job hunting, window shopping, and dance rehearsals. Feels good to actually start my day out early. I've been trying to become a morning person for so long but my body clock won't seem to cooperate. For the past year or so, my body automatically awakes at 10 in the morning (unless I really really have to be up much earlier than that) so I start my day in the afternoon. Gotta change my ways! An addition to my non-existent list of New Year's Resolutions, perhaps.

Forever 21 skirt & inner camisole, vintage sheer top, Longchamp bag, Parisian flats

Vintage silver bangle, Swatch watch, Forever 21 pearl ring, Greenhills ring

Gifted necklace, Forever 21 sunglasses

MAC Ruby Woo lipstick ♥

My friend and I are trying our luck in the retail industry and as a matter of fact we just submitted some CVs to a particular store a while ago. I hope all goes well, I have my fingers crossed for this one. Not only will it be such a great opportunity, but to be working in one of the brands that I hold dear to my heart will be such an amazing experience. If that doesn't work out, well my friend and I are in a planning phase of a business venture we're looking forward to giving birth to. If we're lucky, both plans would work out and we'll conquer the retail industry--kidding, but yeah.

PS. I hate how my legs fail to register as long in some of my photos. I need a new photographer, lol.
PPS. I miss my SLR. Been using my iTouch for my photos recently and seeing the outcome of my shots makes me miss shooting with an SLR. :(