The New Mix

Whenever I stay home all day, it's either I sleep, eat, watch series, daydream til I fall asleep, or go through the blogosphere. Last night I decided to back read on fashiontoast and it was interesting to read about how Rumi started out. I guess she'll always be one of my inspirations. Can my life please be as good as hers?

Also yesterday I went crazy on youtube and watched countless uploads of Ellen just for laughs and a lot of videos of some of my favorite models. Recently, I've had people ask me if I ever did consider entering the modeling business, and honestly, I have! I just don't know how to start off--any suggestions? So while I've no particular clue on how to start out on my own, I've been drowning myself in some inspirational videos such as this one:

"The New Mix"
Karl by Karl Lagerfeld
featuring Arizona Muse, Abbey Lee Kershaw, Sui He, Anja Rubik and Saskia de Brauw

Karl does it again! I swear he is such a genius.

Anyway, off to look for work and have lunch with a good friend now. Dance rehearsals again tonight!

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