Hello, Christmas Break!

Sorry for the lack of updates, guys. But don't fret, I'm back! Today finally marks the end of the 2nd term and the beginning of my Christmas break! I'm finally on Christmas break! :-DDD

I've always loved Christmas--how chilly it can get, the presents, the spirit. I like how I feel like it's definitely a season of love (although I am "loveless" at the moment, if you know what I mean). :-) with 11 days to go, I'll show you guys my wishlist:

Those are what I have in mind so far. I still have 11 days to think of what else I want ;-)

So now that I have nothing academic to worry about and I'm free to do anything I want... what do I do? Hmmmm. Well one, I'm gonna have a room clean-up day! I haven't unpacked since I got back from Bohol :-s my room's really cluttered at the moment--clothes and bags here and there. I wanna party! I'm so excited for the 21st. I don't really know which party I'm attending yet (because apparently there's so much happening that day) but I'm excited. :-)

Last night my family and I went to Greenbelt to celebrate Tita Faye's birthday. It seems like we have a favorite spot every 2-3 months! Last time, we'd be in Rockwell every week. Now it's Greenbelt! Hmmm, where are we going next? :-P anyway, Greenbelt. We had dinner at Giligan's Island. It was a feast! Too bad I wasn't able to take photos before the food was consumed. I guess we were all just really hungry that we all dove in once the food was served on the table. :-P

Anyway, here are some photos from last night:

Zoie is such a cutie!

She actually posed for me a couple of times :-) she'd make a good model!

Tita Bambi/tita Faye: "Zoie, do you wanna be a photographer?"
Zoie: "No, I wanna be a camera."
^ so adorable! So innocent. :-)

Me & my cousins :-) (Zo is a "cousin". She's actually our niece :-D)

What I wore! It's been a while since I posted outfit shots. :-)

White polo, mom's black vest, vintage white oversized vest, Mossimo green shorts, black cycling shorts, mom's black bag, Charles & Keith sandals, bracelets

This bonnet's so Christmas-y! (from Promod)

Oooooh baby baby baby I want you! Can't wait to come and get you next week. :-)

Til next time! Maybe tomorrow? Maybe the day after that? :-P will tell you guys about my pre-finals week! Stressful but fun. :-)

me ;-)

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