A Weekend In Bohol

Hell week is here. :-( I've had my escape, now it's time to deal with stress again.

To end November (Nov. 26-29), I went to Bohol with my mom and two of my aunts. It was actually a company trip of one of my aunts, the rest of us were just guests. We left Manila early Thursday morning. The first day was actually a rest day for all of us. It was technically a "do nothing" day. :-) We checked in at the Bohol Divers Resort along Alona Beach. Since we all didn't get any rest the night before departure, we all snoozed when we arrived. Well we had breakfast first, then we slept through noon. We walked the beach to search for good restaurants to have lunch in and we ended up in Alona Kew (which became our favorite coz they had really really good food xD). Dinner was served at our resort, but I think the food at Alona Kew was so much better.

Cliche clouds photo :-P can't help it, they looked too pretty!

Me & my mom on the plane to Bohol

Woohoo, welcome to Bohol! :-)

Really yummy shrimp cocktail from Alona Kew. :-)

Walking along the beach

We had our sea tour on the next day! We had to wake up early to catch the dolphins. :-) unfortunately though, they didn't really come out coz there were too many boats. It must have been too noisy for them. Although, we saw quite a few. :-) (no dolphin photos, boo)

Off to see the dolphins!

We had breakfast at Balicasag Island after. They were offering us to go snorkeling but we weren't in the mood to do so (plus they were charging us extra 200 each, no thanks!) so we went straight to the sand bar after. Virgin Island! It was starfishland! The only thing I didn't like about the place was that there were too many sea grass. :| but the sand and starfish were awesome!

I just had to do it. :-P

Only the morning was spent on the sea tour, we were back on our beach 2 hours earlier than we expected! We had lunch at Alona Kew then headed straight for the pool in our resort after. Just like the previous night, dinner was served at the resort, but this time, by the bar. We watched live performances (tahitian dancers, folk dancers, fire poi dancers, live band) over dinner. My favorite would have to be the poi number! Poi never fails to amaze me :-P

The third day was allotted for the land tour. We rode a bus around the city. First stop was Baclayon church. There wasn't really anything interesting there, I think we should have gone to the Butterfly Garden or something instead. Next we went to see the cute little tarsiers! They were so tiny, it was hard to spot them! Poor little ones were shaking when I was going near them (stupid person before me took flash photography, I was scared the tarsiers were going to commit suicide in front of me!) :-( there were times when they looked so adorable, there were times when they looked so sinister as well! I got a lot of stuff from the souvenir shop. I got myself really tiny tarsier cellphone charms :-P and there were really awesome bracelets they were selling for only 20 and 50 pesos! They were a steal. :-)

Baclayon church

Hello there, tarsier! Having a staring contest O_O I lost, obviously.

Next was lunch at the Loboc River Cruise! We browsed through the souvenir shops as well. There were more pretty bracelets but they were much more expensive so I wasn't able to get some for myself. :-( the lunch was on the boat itself. Nothing much to see around during the cruise, actually. There was just a tiny waterfall in the end.

We finally went to the Chocolate Hills after! Going there though, we passed through the man-made forest which reminded me of Forks. :-P I loved the Chocolate Hills! The view was amazing. It was sort of a fail though, coz when we got to the top of the viewing deck, it started to rain really hard so we had to go right back down (the deck had no shade) :-(

Look, it's Forks!

Chocolate Hills :-)

We got back to the resort just in time for our dinner. And yep, you guessed it right... we had Alona Kew again! :-P we had a relaxing massage after dinner.

We had to go back to Manila the day after. :-( we woke up early to have a breakfast buffet at yes, Alona Kew, then we started to get ready to get picked up by our van at around 9 am. On our way to the airport, we passed by Bohol Bee Farm and the supermarket to bring home some souvenirs and food from Bohol. Our flight was at 11:30 so we had to be in the airport by 10:30. I saw CADs people in the airport! I only got to talk to them through Facebook when we were all back in Manila, tho.

Bee Farm

I LOVE BOHOL! I can't wait to go back. :-) next time, I wanna go to Bohol Beach Club!

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