Of Photo Shoots and Video Shoots

Second term was pretty stressful for us Communication Arts students in La Salle. Our professors made us create photo essays & short films (CONCEPT), websites (PUBLISH) and radio programs (RADIPRO), none of which we're masters of yet. Some of us actually just started learning how to create these stuff this term! Imagine how hard it was for us to actually come up with our projects (our professors are pretty hard to please!!!) :-P

Thank God everything's over (for now)! We're just waiting for our professors to release our grades. We've got our CONCEPT grades already, and unfortunately for me and my classmates, Santa did not give our professor a visit :-( we did not get the additional +.5 our professor was almost willing to give us. *sigh* I've once again lost my hope in becoming a Dean's Lister :-(

Like I said, our professors are pretty hard to please. What looks/sounds great to me may look/sound like crap to them (sad story, I know). But nevertheless, I'm proud of what I've done this term :-) let me show you guys some photos I took for my photo essay:

Concept: (Theoretically evaluative) Portraiture of Teenage Moms & Their Children
Models: Jam & Mot David

As for the short film, I don't have a copy of the video itself, but I do have behind-the-scenes photos :-P

The photo essay was a pair project while the short film was a class project. I loved shooting the film! It was amazing how each and every one in class became closer to each other during those 2 days of filming. :-) despite feeling stressed, everyone still managed to make the shoot fun and enjoyable.

The class talking about the storyboard before the actual shooting :-)

Cynch directing

Alex, the little girl we "hired" to play Michelle, the little girl in our story :-)

Goofing around after wrapping up the first day of shooting!

(1st: Kara's wild wild bridge :)), 2nd: Monica going wild, 3rd: Me being forced to split from a standing position by AJ :)) 4th: my center split fail!)

Sleepover at Anya's! (sleepover = poker + drinks + cigarettes - sleep, WOO!)

Second day! We were supposed to start at 8 am but whoops, we arrived at 12 xD (we have our reasons HAHA) we ended on time anyway so I guess it was okay :-D

In those two days, we were able to create a 7-minute film. Pretty awesome experience if you ask me! I'm sure next term would be filled with photo shoots and video shoots! (Majors: FOTOCOM [basic photography] and TELPROD [television production] :-s)

Erika ;-)

PS. I just realized that the shoot with Jam & Mot was my first ever photo shoot! I'm happy that my first shoot went well. :-)

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