Merry Christmas To Me!

Like my new shoes? Don't you think they look so pretty? :-) early Christmas presents for myself! I've been eyeing on the second pair for about two months now. I was supposed to get it last month but when I came back for it, it wasn't in the store anymore :-( it really saddened me! So imagine my excitement when I saw it on display awhile ago when I was purchasing the first pair (which I saw last week and came back for this week)! I wasn't supposed to get it... but how could I? It was the last pair on stock and it was my size! LAST PAIR IN MY SIZE! Kismet! ;-) I just had to get it too!

Btw, here's an overdue photo of what my dad got me when he was in Singapore about 2 months ago:

All these shoes are from Charles & Keith. I swear I love that store!

I've never really been a shoes person... until now. Recently converted shoe fetish! :-P I'm a sucker for heels ;-)

PS. sorry if the photos are kinda out of focus. I promise better photos next time when I wear them!

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Slvrdlphn said...

You get the shoe and bag love from me. :D